2018 Year End Photo Competition Results 
 Each month we have a presentation of our members' images.  

Our presentations are in 2 mediums,  printed and digital images. We have 8 categories to compete in,  Assigned subject (different each month), Nature, Open, Portrait,  Creative, Photojournalism, Monochrome and Scapes.

Digital images are submitted prior to our meeting.  How to submit digital images for competition <-click to get details

In May we have a year end competition and a banquet to award our winning members' images for both the year's points as well as lifetime achievements.  

Our year-end competition obtains 3 judges from outside of our membership to assess our member's images and awarding medals, ribbons, and/or trophies to the winners.  

  Our 2018-2019 Assigned Subjects

September 2018: Reflections January 2019: Art
October 2018: Birds February 2019: Food
November 2018: Faces March 2019: Trees
December 2018: Bridges April 2019: Weather

Additional information about the assigned subjects


September 2018: Reflections


Anything shiny can produce a reflection, such as water, ice, windows, chrome, and mirrors. You can choose your emphasis on either the subject (s) being reflected, or the reflection of the subject. Or maybe show subject and reflection equally. One can use symmetry, or juxtaposition to create interesting shapes. Look for patterns and colors. A polarizer may help with getting richer color and cut glare. One can create a bit of impressionism by having a blurred reflection. For more thorough tips go to: https://www.lightstalking.com/how-to-photograph-reflections-for-awesome-results/


October 2018: Birds


Birds any way, shape, size, or environment can be used here. They can be eating, flying, fighting, resting, nesting, swimming, shown with eggs or offspring, singing, bathing, in the wild, at zoos, posing, or trying to attract a mate. A site to learn about photographing birds would be: https://www.audubon.org/news/10-tips-photographing-birds


November 2018: Faces


Any face qualifies (human, animal, bird) for this, not only portraits, although that is included. Look for an interesting expression, a funny face, clown faces, masks, faces in art pieces like sculptures, mood expressions-somber or pensive look, emotional expressions (laughter, tears, surprise, anger, elation), or a blank/lost in thought stare. Look for “faces” in cloud shapes or in wood grain, or rock textures. Possibly focus on an aspect of the face, such as the eyes or mouth. For a few tips on photographing faces, go to: https://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-photograph-people-7-tips-for-photographers-who-never-photograph-people/


December 2018: Bridges


Most bridges are interesting. Some are engineering feats, some are of old wood or rusty metal. Some are artistic, and some merely functional. One can shoot from under a bridge, shoot on it, shoot an abstract of it, or shoot from a distance. Bridges over water can give lovely reflections, and some are lighted at night. This area has two covered bridges: Ada Covered Bridge, which is by a railroad trestle, and Fallasburg Covered Bridge. (White’s Bridge was burned down and has not been rebuilt yet.) Downtown Grand Rapids has several bridges, and some parks have them. Railroad trestles are included in this subject as well. For tips on shooting bridges go to: http://www.digital-photo-secrets.com/tip/5723/photograph-bridges/


January 2019: Art


Art is all around us in some form. Businesses and private homes may have art pieces as part of the landscape. A “sure shot” for being where plenty art is found, would be a visit to Frederick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids Art Museum, or attending (free) ArtPrize. Downtowns of various cities have murals on or in buildings, and some vehicles have elaborate designs painted on them.


February 2019: Food


Try to make your viewers hungry! One can use food art, food in gardens, food at farmers markets, restaurant food, your own cooking, the Thanksgiving turkey, decorated cookies and cakes, or pizza. The challenge is to photograph food in a creative or appealing manner. One of many sites on food photography is: https://digital-photography-school.com/5-tips-to-seriously-improve-your-food-photography-techniques/


March 2019: Trees


There isn’t any shortage of, or difficulty finding this subject. One can choose what part of a tree to portray, or include the whole tree. There are the assortment of leaves, bark patterns, tree shapes, colors, fruit trees, trees used as borders to property and gardens, trees shown with light filtering through the leaves, water droplets on leaves, hoar frosted trees, snow covered trees, birds and animals in trees, insects on foliage or bark, flowering trees, lichen and fungus on trees, tree “tunnels”, or even a tree being cut down. Try a different view, lying under the tree and shooting up into it. Light paint a tree for night photography. Include a person or object by the tree to show height and/or width.


April 2019: Weather


We always have some, and it is ever changing. Show us any kind of weather, snow, rain, storms, lightning, fog, mist, bright sunny, sunbeams/sunrays (officially called crepuscular rays) coming through clouds, rainbows, or weather in morning or in evening light. In whatever kind of weather you are looking for, be sure to dress for it, and have camera protection when in inclement weather. Be ready. Before the weather situation occurs, have planned in your mind where to go to photograph, for instance, a storm approaching. Know where there is as an open field with unobstructed view, or the lake shore would be another possibility. One of many sites for tips on shooting weather is: https://improvephotography.com/39588/weather-photography/. There is a link on that site on how to shoot lightning.

*Note-When entering Prints in monthly Competition, an Entry Tag and Label must be submitted with each image.
For your convenience click on the link below to print tags/labels. 
Prints entered in the monthly competition are due by 6:50p.m. on meeting night.  
For rules on submitting Prints in competition please refer to pages 11 thru 13 in the Member Guide. 


Digital submissions due 1 week prior by midnight 
Print submissions due night of presentation by 6:50pm
Print submissions titles due 1 week prior by midnight
Submit digital entries and print titles:

   Typical agenda 

 - Program: 7:00pm - 8:00pm      
      - Networking: 8:00-8:30pm      
 - Competition: 8:30-9:30pm